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Tooling & Fixturing

For all types of applications


Supply of various types of fixtures: pneumatic actuation, vacuum or manual operation, inline or offline

Development of fixtures for various ICT systems

Precision mobile plates, Zoom technology and fine pitch probing

Development and manufacture of customized projects

Integration of different technologies

Boundary Scan (Digital/Hybrid Tests)

Controlar has extensive know-how in Boundary Scan Test and is an official partner of Goepel. More than 200 turn-key test systems have been delivered over the past years.

LED Testing

An ICT system has the capacity of executing electrical tests (diode) – LED, but often optical analysis is required, which is out of the scope of ICT systems. To overcome this, Controlar became an official partner of FEASA and uses FEASA equipment to perform LED and displays analysis, fully integrated in ICT systems.

ISP (In-System Programming)

The programming of In-Circuit or In-System (ISP) devices eliminates limitations associated with traditional programming devices (on-socket or pre-programmed). ISP delivers benefits to in-board and system level design, manufacturing and programming processes. Controlar is an official partner of SMH.


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Our partners


Controlar develops and supplies tooling and test fixtures:

  • for a vast application field: ICT (In-Circuit Tests), Functional tests, Flash Programming, EoL (End-of-Line) tests, etc.
  • for all currently used handling systems in the market: inline or offline, mechanical, pneumatic or vacuum operation
  • from simple mechanical fixtures, with a few hundred probes and low production volumes, up to highly complex fixtures with thousands of probes, double side probing, double actuation, etc.

Fixture Validation – Probe Impact Analysis

As standard in our fixture production validations, Controlar uses microscopes to execute Probe Impact Analysis on the PCB. After the fixture assembly but before wiring is initiated, a preliminar study is conducted to validate probe plate drilling.
When the fixture is completely ready, a new verification is performed. The results are recorded and included in the fixture documentation.

Turn-key projects

Whether you require fixtures, or the complete turn-key project (fixture + application), Controlar has the capability to:

  • develop ICT applications in several platforms, including MDA, Testjet, Digital/Hybrid tests;
  • perform Boundary Scan, Functional tests, LED tests;
  • integrate customized circuits for signal conditioning, noise filtering, discharge, watchdog, loads, etc.;
  • integrate additional test equipment such as LED analyzers, Flash programmers, communication devices, etc.;
  • tune and support production start and ramp up at customer’s facilities.
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