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WE DRIVE INDUSTRY INNOVATION, bringing relentless commitment to superior quality and engineering creativity to deliver unparalleled products and services on a global scale.

Since its founding in 1995, Controlar has experienced steady growth, expanding its expertise into a wide range of advanced industrial applications. The company has become a leading reference in both national and international markets for Industrial Automation and Test Systems and holds a proven record in designing functional and quality test systems for electronic devices.

Controlar’s success is built on a strong foundation of skills in hardware and software development, systems integration, and functional and quality testing for electronic devices and robotics. Our expertise allows us to offer a substantial portfolio of projects and services for a diverse client base.

Controlar’s impressive list of references includes multinational companies, and it has established partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide. With a global presence, Controlar holds a workforce of 400 employees spread across production units and companies in Portugal, Spain, Mexico, and Malaysia. Regional offices and partnerships in Germany and India further strengthen our global reach.

Fernando Leite
CEO and Founder

Pedro Torres
CEO and Founder

  • Added Value and Value Creation
    To maximize the company’s value chain to guarantee a cohesive economic-financial structure, based on the correct dimensioning of resources and on the effectiveness of processes. To make the Organization grow in a sustained, stable, safe and lasting way.
  • Environment and Eco-efficiency
    To produce more with less resources and less environmental impact. To develop products that promote environmental sustainability and maximize products life cycle of products.
  • Path to Excellence
    To ensure excellent solutions, products and services with quality and efficiency.
  • Trust, Transparency and Ethics
    To be an honest, responsible and trustworthy partner, who guarantees the commitments assumed in a transparent and ethical manner.
  • Circular Economy
    To identify opportunities for circularity and sustainable use of resources in the company and in customer processes, with the aim of diagnosing and implementing strategies, products and services that ensure a Circular Economy.
  • People Management
    To believe in the development and motivation of employees as a determining factor for success, attracting and retaining the most talented and motivated professionals. To invest in the development of their skills and competences, creating prosperous and attractive work environments, and balanced lifestyles between work and family.
  • Continuous Innovation
    To have a strong connection to the industries in which we work, continuously analyzing new ideas, opportunities, processes and solutions that complement the portfolio of our products and services, creating the future by anticipating customer expectations.
  • Be the best technological solution, always close to our customers.
  • Develop Automation Solutions with Innovation, Quality and Passion for Engineering.

Why Controlar

Quality and Certifications

In order to ensure effective competition in the market, while maintaining high level of satisfaction and excellence, Controlar established a culture of commitment to quality and specifications. Such is achieved through the implementation of certifications and establishment of key partners.