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Company Policy

Controlar defines its integrated policy based on its mission, vision and values, ensuring an analysis of internal and external issues that may affect the performance of its systems. 

The whole organization undertakes commitments in the areas of Quality, Environment, RD&I, Information Security, as well as Health and Safety at Work:


To transmit reliability and confidence that we carry the technical and human capacity to provide products or services that consistently and systematically exceed our stakeholders’ expectations, ensuring long-term success and sustainability. To conciliate the interests of our stakeholders and other interested parties. 


To promote a culture of innovation and creativity, following technological trends, and stimulating ideas that can be transformed into products and services that meet future customer needs, fulfil sustainability goals, as well as generate value and differentiation for the organization.

Information Security

To develop the appropriate culture regarding preservation, integrity and availability to guarantee the confidentiality of information throughout all processes, products and services.

Health and Safety at Work

To provide a safe and healthy working environment for all stakeholders in compliance with legal requirements. To minimize risks through the implementation of prevention and protection measures, with the aim of preventing the occurrence of accidents, incidents and occupational diseases.


– To identify and assess environmental aspects resulting from activities, products and services, adopting eco-efficient management models that allow minimizing and preventing the respective environmental impacts.

– To develop practices of environmental protection, rationalization of consumption of materials and energy, as well as the appropriate management of produced waste, fulfilling all compliance obligations.

– To develop eco-innovative products and circular economy strategies that promote the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of materials, maximizing the life cycle of the products.

– To motivate, from an environmental point of view, all stakeholders, helping them to fulfil their goals.

– To implement actions aimed at sustainable development and reduce the carbon footprint with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality.

Common Principles regarding this Policy

Partnership with Customers and Suppliers
This Policy is based on strengthening relations with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, extending the organization’s objectives to them.

Continuous Improvement
Controlar’s Management undertakes to comply with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001, NP 4457, NP EN ISO 14001, NP ISO/IEC 27001 and EN ISO 45001 standards and to implement a continuous improvement policy at all levels of the organization.

Compliance Obligations
To act in accordance with applicable legislation, standards, guidelines, as well as other compliance obligations resulting from requirements/needs/expectations of stakeholders associated with management systems. 

Participation of All Parties
The full implementation of this Policy will only be possible with the participation and support of all employees and other stakeholders of the organization.

All of the organization’s employees contribute to the fulfillment of the defined objectives, taking responsibility for providing data for their effective monitoring and follow-up.