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RiTS – Rotational Simultaneous Test System

By 29.09.2023March 26th, 2024Featured

A live demonstration of RiTS will be exhibited at Controlar’s stand (Hall A1 – 339) in Productronica 2023, between the 14th and 17th of November.

Efficiency meets excellence with our RiTS – Rotational Simultaneous Test System featuring a dynamic rotative plate with 4 positions. This machine ensures thorough testing of critical automotive components at the final stage of production to ensure their correct functionality.

Key Features

  • Flexibility: Highly flexible and modular, adapts to various testing needs
  • Multifunctional: Capable of conducting multiple tests simultaneously
  • Optimization: Enhance production efficiency with reduced cycle times
  • Reliability: Delivering cost-efficient, reliable measurements

How RiTS Can Improve the Manufacturing Process

Designed to meet the exact demands of the automotive industry, this semi-automatic End-of-Line Test Machine boasts four specific test positions, offering extensive versatility for a wide range of tests. From luminance testing and visual product inspections (eg. display and telltales), to haptics, sound testing and subjective cosmetic validations (including scratch and structural defect assessments), our Rotational Simultaneous Test System ensures the correct functionality of the DUTs (Devices Under Test).

Moreover, RiTS may perform power, communication and electrical tests simultaneously in all positions. This feat is made possible by using a slip ring, an electromechanical device that transmits power and electrical signals from stationary to rotating components, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even during rotation.

RiTS level of versatility is the key to reducing operating times, improving workflow, and maximizing machine availability.

The Machine Configuration

This comprehensive test solution comprises:

  • Loading: Semi-automatic or automatic
  • Rotative plate: Featuring four dynamic test positions
  • Slip ring: Enabling continuous electrical connectivity during rotation
  • User-friendly software: Equipped with a customizable UGUI for easy operation
  • Interchangeable fixtures: Enabling the same machine to test various products simply by changing the fixtures
  • Configurable modules: camera, haptic test points, sound analyzers, etc.

Additionally, RiTS may include modules such as a switch box that facilitates circuit routing as needed. It has the capability to accommodate various types of measurement equipment such as multimeters, programmable power supplies, RF generators, or analyzers.

It may also support multiple interface types, including 1000BASE-T1, CAN, LIN, RF, USB, and more.

Universal Applicability

While initially developed to meet the stringent standards of the automotive industry, our Rotational Simultaneous Test System transitions into other sectors, including consumer and industrial electronics, offering customization options for various product types. It’s a testing solution designed for the future, adaptable to the evolving needs of your DUT.

RiTS allows for extensive customization by the customer and provides highly satisfactory cycle time guarantees, as it enables multiple test positions within a single machine.