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New project for automotive display inspection

By 21.03.2023August 2nd, 2023Featured

Controlar has partnered with Visteon and Fraunhofer Portugal to develop an innovative machine for automotive display inspection, using machine vision and artificial intelligence.

This project aims to develop a machine that can automatically inspect and detect any defects or anomalies in automotive displays, which are an integral part of modern cars. The machine will use high resolution vision systems to capture images of the display, and artificial intelligence algorithms will then analyze these images to identify any defects.

The partnership between Controlar, Visteon and Fraunhofer Portugal brings together the expertise of three leading entities in the fields of automotive electronics, machine vision, and artificial intelligence. This collaboration is expected to result in a machine that will set new standards for automotive display inspection and improve the quality and safety of modern cars.

These developments are included in the NewGen TS-FAE project, which is funded by COMPETE2020.

New project for Automotive Display Inspection