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NewGen TS-FAE is Controlar’s latest R&D project

By 21.06.2021June 26th, 2023Featured

Intended to develop disruptive and innovative technologies, NewGen TS-FAE is the fourth consecutive R&D project to be approved by COMPETE in 2021.

The project is named after the acronym NewGen TS-FAE: New Generation Test Systems for Future Automotive Electronics and will be carried out by a consortium of entities led by Controlar. The consortium also includes Visteon Palmela and Fraunhofer Portugal.

NewGen TS-FAE proposes to develop new concepts of test equipment automation, allowing, for the first time, automated adaptations in real time according to the conditions of the surrounding environment and the industrialization line. These adaptations also occur through the planning prediction and the implementation of maintenance actions, overcoming technical issues related to information security and quality control.

These new concepts aim to ensure the transversality and flexibility of testing systems for different types of innovative products, following a pioneering “intelligent” approach. The different strands to be developed in the project are as follows:

  • Intelligent ICT (In-Circuit) Testing system with predictive and preventive maintenance, such as augmented reality;
  • Intelligent visual inspection and quality control system for new generation displays;
  • Test systems for advanced infotainment devices, with the possibility of performing tests for future features.

Across the project, an integrated IoT ecosystem will be developed with cognitive intelligence, databases and data mining systems to process, translate and integrate real time changes. Such will be able to adapt the test systems to different operating conditions. 

Security and data protection will also be a priority with the experimental development of blockchain methods applied to information traceability.

NewGen TS-FAE also aims to increment the relationship with Visteon, an important global Tier1 in automotive industry, and an important client of Controlar.


Controlar - Projeto NewGen TS-FAE