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Test Solution for Driver Monitoring Systems


Suitable for testing Camera-based Active Driver Monitoring Systems, as well as other camera setups

Capable of calibrating and testing intrinsic & extrinsic camera parameters, field of view and Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

Head and eye-gaze tracker test and human head setup

Solutions fully prepared for production lines requirements and laboratory product development

Reference Tech Specs

Dimensions (in mm)

1100 (W) x 1800 (L) x 2300 (H)

Power supply


Test Features

Test patterns following ISO standards; Human Head and Eyes movement simulation; IR homogeneity light measurement – FoV Spectro analyzer
Power supply, current measurement and protocol communication

Station Features

Robot with built-in controller to map desired points and movements (production)
Axis to perform especially precise movements and easy control (laboratory).
QCO intuitive software concept to interact with machine


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The Test Solution for Driver Monitoring System developed by Controlar works as a platform for testing vehicle ADAS – Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems – Driver Monitoring Systems, working on the Near Infrared (NIR) wavelength. Normalized test charts are used to calibrate/test cameras intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, FoV, MTF, Straylight. TS-DMS includes a realistic head setup with precise head and eye movement to simulate driver’s face to check their attention / drowsiness.

Product configuration

The TS-DMS is prepared to calibrate/test camera based DMS systems, which could be used on:

  • Laboratory:
    Semi-automatic solution with several test and calibration setups; Full control of the machine to fine tuning of testing elements.
  • Production lines:
    Fully prepared station for production lines requirements.

Main applications

The Test Solution for Driver Monitoring Systems was developed to meet the high standards of Car Multimedia Industry, namely the new and ever-evolving challenges related to DMS (ADAS) systems. This system is also suitable for many other camera-based industry applications such as mobile industry.

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