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New Ethernet Test System for Highly Efficient Conversion of Automotive Ethernet


For all test system equipment that requires conversion from Gigabit Automotive Ethernet to “common” ethernet (1000BASE-T <-> 1000BASE-T1)

Customizable firmware that allows configuration and debug of the ethernet PHYs)

Tech Specs


Compatíble with LabVIEW™ / Teststand

Power supply
Ethernet PHY transceivers



Power supply
Cable type/input


DC barrel conector
9…36V DC

2A (max)


Conector Ethernet
Conector BroadR-Reach

Automotive Molex


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BRidge4NetG was developed to convert 1000BASE-T (Common Ethernet) to 1000BASE-T1 (Automotive Ethernet).

With link error diagnosis, it is the best choice for all test systems applications in the automotive industry or for any situation that requires conversion from automotive ethernet to common ethernet. Developed with a proprietary and compact design, BRidge4NetG is an efficient, robust and easy to integrate product.


The stand-alone version is supplied inside a small box easy to integrate and connect to be used in the laboratory or bench.

The bare version is supplied as a barebone PCB easy to integrate and connect to be embedded in a jig or test equipment.

With mounting holes and a flexible power input, both versions are simple to integrate. The power connector can be customized as requested within mechanical possibilities.

BRidge4NetG configuration allows the reduction of cabling complexity, ensuring a quick and easy installation, debug and maintenance.

It can be redesigned to meet specific space constraints or any other specific need.

Main applications

The rigorous development since the very first prototype, makes the BRidge4NetG the best solution for innovative test systems for the automotive industry such as Radar, Lidar, Infotainment, optical systems…

It may be applied in systems such as ICT, functional testing and programming, or any other testing equipment.

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