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Automated Optical Inspection Test Solution


Full functional testing of displays and clusters for quality control

Featuring modularity and flexibility

Comprehensive scanning of the total device test area

Improved efficiency of manufacturing cycles reducing operating times

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

900 (W) x 1300 (L) x 2200 (H)

Communication protocol

Host-link protocol (PC-PLC)
GigaBit Ethernet (PC-Camera)

Power supply




DC/AC voltage, current consumption and illuminance

DUT allowable dimensions

3-axis System (XYZ) to scan total product testing area
X-Axis: 600mm; Y-Axis: 450mm; Z-Axis: 200mm

Compressed air

6 bar


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The Test Solution for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) from Controlar performs functional test and vision test validation on displays and automotive clusters to ensure quality control at the end of the production line or between assembly stations.

Using a standard interface and a quick ChangeOver method, this solution is prepared for flexible and dynamic production. By using the Mura test concept, the test flow is improved, and the production loss and output variability are reduced.

Product configuration

The AOI Test Solution uses a standard interface that allows it to be used with different types of clusters, by changing the fixture. It can be customized with different instrumentation and equipment, such as:

  • Vision equipment: cameras, light meter, spectroradiometer, light source, colorimeter, thermometer
  • Bus Interfaces: CAN, LIN, LVDS, BroadR-Reach, MOST150

This test solution is suitable for 19” rack mount equipment.

Main applications

The AOI Test Solution was developed to meet the high standards of the automotive industry (electronics components manufacturing), namely for the functional testing of displays and automotive clusters. It is also ideal for other industries, such as consumer electronics, with the possibility of being customized for different types of products.

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