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Glue Dispenser

and Screwing Machine


Point-to-point glue application with a XYZ axis system of great precision

Automatic screwing system with screw dispenser

Retraction of shrinkable insulation sleeve under thermal process

Configurable heat blower temperature, operating times and screw parameters

Simple adjustments, calibrations and maintenance

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

1230(L) x 850(W) x 2270(H)


495 kg

Power supply


Max. Pressure

6 to 7

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Machine for glue application and screwing in the final stage of the production of valves for the automotive industry. The process starts with the application of glue inside the electrical connector of the valve and in the plug of the connection cable. Next, a heat shrinkable insulation sleeve is heated between the valve and the cable. Finally, the process is completed with fully automatic screwing of the assembly.


The Gluing and Screwing Machine consists of:

  • a bonding system
  • a heat blower
  • a screwing system

The application of glue is performed with a dosing valve moving over the XYZ electric axis with the possibility of various adjustments. The dosing process is controlled by a vision system and a weight calibration scale.

The automatic screwing allows the adjustment and verification of the angle and torque of the tightening, totally autonomous, and through the screw feeding.

The machine consists of three independent setups for each process:

  • Setup 1: application of glue
  • Setup 2: shrinkable insulation sleeve heating
  • Setup 3: automatic screwing

In terms of traceability, the process is controlled by reading the product barcode and interfacing with the production server.

The structure of this machine was designed to sustain and absorb the vibrations resulting from the movements of the set of axles and the screwing system, bearing in mind the ease of maintenance and adjustments.

Main Applications

Versatile machine concept for various applications in the automotive industry, both for dosing and screwing solutions, with the possibility of being expanded to other products.

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