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Automatic Weighing

and Reading System for Packages


Automatic weighing and barcode reading system

Fast and accurate automatic identification and data storage

Optimized measurement process

Automatic scale calibration

Association of information flow with a physical flow of goods, in order to facilitate access to certain information related to certain batches or products

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

820(L) x 890(W) x 2070(H)


135 kg

Power supply

50/60 HZ
3,7 kW

Communication interfaces

Ethernet, USB

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Controlar Automatic Weighing and Reading System collects the dimensions and weight of packages in order to automate the quality process and facilitate the product traceability at any stage of the supply chain.
The operating principle consists in reading the dimensions and weight values ​​associated with the package’s barcode. This information is then made available on the HMI, to be stored locally or exported to a DBMS.


This equipment consists of three main components:

    • distance sensors placed on three axes perpendicular to each other to obtain length, width and height. They are all pointed towards the upper left corner of the scale plate, where the packages are placed
    • an industrial precision scale (single-cell) for weight acquisition with built-in controller for scale calibration
    • a manual scanner with a USB communication interface for reading bar codes

It is possible to read up to an angular position of 40º horizontally and 30º vertically.
The equipment contains compact lighting with two levels of intensity, in order to assist the user. It also includes two physical pressure buttons on the top of the machine, in order to optimize the measurement process.
The software is responsible for processing data coming from the input and output coupler and the HMI, and for storing results or exporting to a DBMS, depending on the user’s choice.

Main Applications

The Automatic Weighing and Reading System for packages was developed to meet the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry, which makes it suitable for other industries as well, and can be customized for various types of products that require automatic weighing and identification.

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