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Automatic Assembly Line

Automatic Assembly, Sorting and Inspection of Small Components


Precision and reliability (each component is assembled with the same specifications and process every time)

Quick and safe storage, sorting, orientation, positioning and insertion without damaging the product

Ability to handle multiple tasks and to perform highly detailed assembly tasks

Consistent quality and yield output

Track & Trace capabilities of every unit produced

Reference Tech Specs

Dimmensions (of the entire line)
(in mm)

2980(C) x 1995(L) x 1853(H)


~1500 kg

Power supply

3P + N +400VAC
50/60 HZ


6 bar

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This Automatic Assembly Line was developed to perform the automatic assembly, inspection and sorting of plastic components, with the minimum of human intervention. Hand labor is only required for the supply of parts in the automatic feeders and for the extraction of complete inspected boxes.

In this particular case it was possible to automate an assembly process with high repeatability and inspection in order to maximize production and error detection, reducing variability, bottlenecks and providing a consistent quality output.

In the event of a problem, as an interlock, the system allows visual and safety inspection, in addition to tracking all actions taken to locate the source of the problem and solve it.


This system consists of a “Rotating Plate”, a “Housing Feeder” and a “Front Holder Feeder”.

The main component is the rotative plate that rotates clockwise and has 8 stations with the following functions:

  1. Indexing and insertion of the housing piece;
  2. Color comparison of the housing part with the predefined color in the cycle configuration;
  3. Inserting the Front Holder part;
  4. Reservation;
  5. Validation of the assembly of the Front Holder part and inspection of any defects resulting from the injection process;
  6. Extraction of parts for the NOK box;
  7. Extraction of parts for OK box;
  8. Validation of empty nest;

In the “Rotating Plate” area  is a touch screen where the application runs, through which it is possible to interact with the whole equipment, configure its automatic cycle, monitor and control all equipment in the three zones.

Housing Feeder and Front Holder

Here are located the parts feeding hoopers, the vibrating tumblers, the feed conveyors and their controllers.
The feeding hoopers allow the storage of a large number of components, randomly inserted by the operator; the vibrating tumblers ensure their correct orientation and positioning, and the feed conveyors the guided transport and buffering until the respective indexing in the rotating plate workstations.
The auxiliary electrical panels in this area serve to exchange information on the production status of the assembly line with the factory, and to protect the controllers of the electric actuators of the conveyor belts and vibrating systems.

On the left side of the line are the OK (for good parts) and NOK (rejected parts) boxes, where the parts are placed after the assembly process and the result of the inspection after assembly.

Main Applications

This Automatic Assembly Line was developed to meet the high standards of the automotive industry, which makes it suitable for other industries as well, and can be customized for various types of products that require automatic assembly, sorting and inspection of small components.

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