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Controlar North America is a Great Place to Work

By 24.01.2023August 2nd, 2023Featured

In December 2022, Controlar North America (CNA) received its Great Place To Work® (GPTW®) certification after the corresponding process.

By obtaining this certification, CNA has proven to be a company capable of promoting policies and practices that improve the quality of life within its organization. It also guarantees that we accomplished the necessary requirements to be distinguished and certified as one of the organizations at a national and international level with the attributes of a Great Place To Work®.

GPTW® is a globally authoritative and highly trusted company dedicated to fostering high performance cultures in the workplace. It has a worldwide presence and recognition with offices in nearly 97 countries, certifying the best places to work nationally and internationally.

For a company to comply with this standard, it must stand out in three aspects: collaborators with confidence, pride, and who enjoy sharing what they do in their position. In this sense, CNA stood out remarkably in the confidence index for obtaining the certification.

To be a Great Place To Work® it is necessary to accomplish different requirements that guarantee good labor practices in the workplace. These requirements are divided into two sections: Trust Index® and Culture Audit®.

The Trust Index® is a diagnostic tool, based on a questionnaire applied to each employee. It determines the level of trust that each one has in the organization in relation to the directors/company, other employees and their own work.

The Culture Audit® is the record of policies and practices by the company. It aims to show those drivers of the collaborators’ day-to-day life, as well as the way in which experiences are planned and executed that form a great place to work.

This way, a company that has established itself as GPTW® is one where its collaborators feel proud to work there and benefit from what the company offers while enjoying a remarkable work environment.