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PRiiMe: A brand new industrial optical inspection system

By 17.03.2021August 2nd, 2023Featured

In the beginning of 2021, Controlar obtained the approval for another R&D project under the Portugal 2020 programme.

The PRiiMe (Piston Rings intelligent inspection Machine) project is led by Controlar, with the participation of MAHLE Portugal  and CCG (Center for Computer Graphics).

This project intends to develop an innovative vision system to automatically detect visual defects in the final production stage of piston rings, essential elements in the assembly of combustion engines. Piston rings display a high degree of variability regarding shapes and materials. Moreover, the small size of the defects that can affect their usage, which makes automated inspection is a challenge to overcome. 

Together with the optical inspection of defects in piston rings, the consortium intends to develop a framework to analyze all the data retrieved from the faults. The goal is to enable the traceability of these components, and ultimately to easily find the defects’ source leading to the design of new production trends in the factory floor.

PRiiME project


This project is co-financed by COMPETE 2020 through the European Regional Development Fund.

PRiiME project