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Interview: Mauricio Culebro

By 03.05.2023August 2nd, 2023Innovating People
Name: Mauricio Culebro Jiménez

Age: 30 years

Education: Robotics Engineering

School: Instituto Politécnico Nacional (National Polytechnic Institute)

Job role: Controlar North America Managing Director

Controlar North America - Mauricio Culebro

You are currently the Managing Director of Controlar North America (CNA). Tell us about your professional journey up to this point. How has it been it so far?

Controlar North America has been my second home. I started as a project coordinator in 2016 and in 2018 I was offered a production manager role, which was challenging since I did not have much experience (especially in leadership). It was during that period that I learned to manage and achieve goals with the collaborators, as well as getting to know them.

In 2021, as we returned from the pandemic lockdown, I was promoted to CEO. It has been the biggest challenge I have ever had, since we had to recover from the pandemic and start again almost from scratch. With great effort, dedication, and the implementation of effective strategies, we have successfully transformed a mere group of collaborators into a cohesive team, akin to a close-knit family.

In addition to having a degree in Robotics Engineering, you have a master’s degree. Which area did you choose and why?

I completed a Master of Business Administration focused on Marketing (MBA). Originally, I had the goal of taking a master’s degree in engineering. However, due to labor issues related to the management and administration of the company, I decided to do this MBA, which I have been able to apply in my activities for the growth of CNA.

For many people who come from other Mexico states, it is difficult to adapt to the central zone of the country. Coming from Chiapas, how has that change been for you?

It has been a rewarding experience, as I came here with a dream and a set goal. From an early age, I have always had plans in place to achieve that goal. I moved to CDMX primarily because of my studies at the National Polytechnic Institute. In the first months, I struggled with the cultural differences and the nostalgia for leaving my family, but as time went on, I adapted quite well to the fast-paced lifestyle in CDMX.

From your perspective as CEO, what are the priorities and needs of the company, as well as its difficulties?

We are constantly growing and that is our priority: to continue growing. Yes, we have needs and difficulties like any other company. In CNA’s case, one of our main challenges is consistently sustaining our ability and knowledge to be at the forefront of new technological challenges that are being created day by day. However, it is our objective to create strategies to face these challenges.

Personally, and professionally, how do you manage to undertake all those responsibilities?

The key is to plan my activities day by day, follow up on collaborators and projects. It is important to listen to each person’s ideas, delegate and trust each one of them, so that they develop autonomy and the ability to solve challenges and activities that come their way on a daily basis.

Being part of CNA’s growth, what do you think is the key to success for a company to grow?

To know the talent of each collaborator and to let them develop those talents, which gives them the freedom to express themselves and exploit their potential. What we seek at CNA is to foster a passion for creating solutions.

What qualities could you say define a good manager?

I believe that a good manager is characterized by his ability to serve, to attend to and act on the requests of his team to improve day by day. If a manager does not listen assertively, no matter how many strategies are put into practice, without really knowing what is going on inside your organization, he or she will fail.

Looking at the impact process automation has in various industries today, what can we expect from Controlar North America in the years to come?

Consolidate ourselves as one of the main integrators with presence in America, being a benchmark in automation solutions and test equipment. As well as seeing the implementation and integration of all the new technology for the industry that we have managed to develop up to now.

Why is CNA the right choice for those who seek an industrial automation project?

CNA has highly qualified personnel, a certified management system and an after-sales service to meet any need. Our added value in this industry is continuous improvement and investment in internal processes and new methodologies for the development of multiple products.

Leaving aside the professional, how would you define success in your personal life? What is it that motivates you every day?

I think that everyone could agree that financial comfort is part of success, however, for me success is (quoting Carlos Slim): “not doing things well or very well and having the recognition of others. It is not an external opinion; it is an internal state. It is the harmony of the soul and its emotions, which needs love, family, friendship, authenticity, integrity”.

And finally, Mauricio, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Professionally, I see myself here, being part of this great family, contributing everything I can for the innovation, growth and recognition of CNA throughout America. On a personal side, I see myself with my family, being a good father, son and husband.