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Interview with Heberto Esparza

By 27.09.2023September 28th, 2023Innovating People
Name: Heberto Esparza Vázquez

Age: 31 years old

Education: Mechanical Engineering

Former School: Instituto Politécnico Nacional (National Polytechnic Institute), ESIME Culhuacán.

Job Role: Head of Mechanical Design

You have been at Controlar North America for just over two years, what was your previous work experience and why did you choose CNA?

My work history has been focused on industrial automation, specifically in the automotive sector. Despite having been fortunate enough to be part of companies that develop automated projects, I had never had the sense of belonging that I have at CNA.

Although I had looked for them 3 years ago, I did not have the necessary experience, my goal from that moment was to acquire all the knowledge and experience required to belong to the team and be here today.

You started as a Mechanical Designer and now you are the head of the area, personally and professionally, how did that transition happen in your life?

It was a complex transition, where through constant work, support from my boss and management, I found the inspiration and strength that ended up molding me as the leader that CNA required for the department. It was a great joy for me that they recognized my experience and skills, I am grateful for the opportunity and work daily to strengthen this area.

Being the head of your area, what is your day-to-day activities like, routine or always different?

Every day I have the opportunity to do something different; direct my colleagues, see their progress, review their designs, receive suppliers, attend meetings with multiple clients, meet people and learn new things every day… it’s always different.

The team you lead is in charge of one of the first phases of any project, being a cornerstone, what are the main challenges they face when designing new projects?

Understanding the client’s needs is our main challenge, the responsibility of bringing to reality and making functional what each client has in mind is quite a challenge. Having to make the correct selection of each mechanism, material and element that we will integrate becomes an art for us. 

In your work you have to take care of the technical and creative parts, how do you manage to combine both to make a functional machine?

It’s part of the talent that each artist has, that is, we all have talents and each one becomes a specialist in their area, however, to achieve this it is necessary to prepare academically, generate experience, have vision, imagination, creativity… many elements that must be combined correctly and precisely to achieve success in each project.

Personally, what does success mean to you? What motivates you to achieve it?

For me success is often influenced by a person’s values, goals, aspirations and circumstances. Personally, I believe that success is never being satisfied, always seeking to improve, learning and going for more, leaving something well done and doing it better the next time.

We know that you are passionate about motorcycling, tell us a little about your approach and history with this sport.

My first passion is engineering and my second is motorcycles. I would say an inherited taste, since I was a child, there have always been motorcycles in my house because my dad loved them.

When I was 7 years old, my dad gave me my first motorcycle, where my brother learned to ride before he learned to ride a bicycle. My passion for motorcycles is very deep-rooted, now that my father is no longer with me, it is a nice way to feel connected to him.

Finally, what does it mean to you to be part of Control North America?

CNA has given me the opportunity to apply my knowledge, my experience and my passion for engineering in its projects. My expectations here have been exceeded as a workplace, it is my family, it is my place; It has given me the opportunity to exploit my abilities and support my home. I have no other way to thank CNA than by doing my job and doing it better every day.