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D.A.B Assembly Line – Five Stations

By 18.06.2024June 25th, 2024Featured

At Controlar North America we pride ourselves on being pioneers in advanced industrial automation solutions.

Our latest innovation is the D.A.B Assembly Line – Five Stations, designed to optimize the production process and ensure that each piece of the final product meets the highest quality standards. Join us to discover how our technology is revolutionizing the industry.

Key Features

  • Vision Sensors: They ensure that assemblies are carried out properly.
  • Sensor Selection: They detect each of the Poka Yokes and Critical Points within each process.
  • Special Equipment: Includes automatic screwdrivers and a special multimeter for final tests.

Meet the D.A.B Assembly Line - Five Stations

Our assembly line consists of five stations, each dedicated to a specific process essential to the assembly of the steering wheel module. The processes include the assembly of parts, necessary wiring routing and electrical testing to ensure optimal operation of the modules. Each station requires an operator to load and unload material, as well as to arrange pieces.

Station composition: Efficiency and quality in the assembly process

  • First Station – Pneumatic Press: It carries out the assembly of various components using pressure and includes a vision sensor to check the assembly.
  • Second Station – Automatic Torque: Performs automatic torque of four nuts and has a GT2 system for height verification.
  • Third Station – Connection and Continuity Check: Support nest for manual connection of wiring and checks continuity to ensure correct connection.
  • Fourth Station – Assisted Manual Assembly: It makes manual assembly assisted by presses for correct fixation and has height measurement systems to check the assembly.
  • Fifth Station – Final Tests: It has a special multimeter to perform final tests on the assembly, ensuring that the parts meet the required quality.

Main Applications

Using our assembly line guarantees that the parts produced meet all the quality standards necessary in the industry. This line is versatile and can be adapted to work with various models through nest changes and programming adjustments.

Technical References

  • Machine Structure: Aluminum structural profile.
  • Materials: Parts manufactured from aluminum and steel alloys, as well as components in contact with the product (machined from engineering plastics such as Delrin and Nylamid).

At CNA...

We are committed to excellence and constant innovation. Our assembly line not only represents a significant technological advancement, but also reflects our commitment to offering solutions that exceed market expectations. With this technology, we are one step closer to a future where precision and efficiency are the norm.