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Controlar joins EtherCAT Technology Group

By 17.02.2023June 26th, 2023Featured

Controlar has joined EtherCAT Technology Group, the world’s largest Industrial Ethernet organization with over 7000 member companies.

Originally developed by Beckhoff, the EtherCAT Technology Group is a global organization that joins companies adopting or developing EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology), a communication network used in automation.

In the past years, EtherCAT technology has become a worldwide accepted new standard in automation and control, enabling companies to create devices using this communication network, including electronic modules.

By becoming a member of ETC, Controlar will join other manufacturers, technology providers, and end users to further promote the technology, and support its adaptation to its industry, while gaining access to development products and implementation assistance.

Through this membership, Controlar aims to improve the performance of its next-generation products and accelerate the adoption of EtherCAT technology.

Ethercat Technology Group
EtherCAT Technology Group