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Controlar Expands Facilities to Meet Growing Demand

The new production plant, offices, and cafeteria aim to create a cutting-edge space that reflects our commitment to excellence and provides an inspiring work environment for all.

The expansion joined three of our six buildings together, permitting internal passage. This improvement makes it easier for employees and machinery to circulate in between buildings, streamlining processes and reducing production time.

Production Plant

The new production plant is an advanced facility that will enable us to meet increasing demands with enhanced efficiency.

The plant is fully equipped with the space, technology and features necessary to increase our production capacity, allowing us to take on larger projects and enabling the best working conditions.


The new offices are vibrant hubs designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Featuring modern design elements, ergonomic furniture, open floor plans, and flexible areas, our goal is to encourage cross-functional interaction and embrace the future of work, empowering our teams to tackle challenges together and create breakthrough solutions.


The new cafeteria is a modern facility that embraces the well-being of our employees.

A variety of healthy food options and a comfortable and inviting space to dine, relax and socialize create a more positive and fulfilling work environment.

We are excited about the added possibilities that this expansion will bring. As we create a workplace that embodies our values and aspirations, we are confident it will have a positive impact on our team’s morale, satisfaction, and performance. This investment in our facilities reflects our dedication to remaining at the forefront of our industry.