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Control NA is a Great Place to Work® for the second year in a row

By 12.02.2024Featured

This achievement reaffirms CNA’s continued commitment to excellence in the workplace and the well-being of its collaborators.

Control North America earned this certification for the first time in 2023. Now, in 2024, we are excited to announce that it has once again been recognized as a Great Place to Work® for the second consecutive year.

Great Place To Work’s certification is a testament to its people-centered organizational culture and constant effort to create an inclusive, collaborative and positive work environment. Here are some of the key advantages that this certification can provide a company and its collaborators:

  • External Recognition: This certification distinguishes a company that cares about the well-being of its collaborators and strives to create an exceptional work environment, helping it attract quality talent and improve its reputation in the industry.
  • Greater Collaborator Commitment: Collaborators who feel valued and appreciated tend to be more committed to the company’s mission, boosting the productivity and quality of their work.
  • Improving the Work Environment: A positive and collaborative work environment is essential for the success of any company. This certification is a motivation to maintain a positive work environment by promoting trust, camaraderie and mutual respect among collaborators.
  • Professional and Personal Development: Being a GPTW motivates organizations to generate opportunities, offering personalized training and development programs that help their collaborators reach their full potential professionally and personally.
  • Well-being and Work-Life Balance: The balance between the work and personal life of collaborators is essential, which is why benefits and policies are offered that promote their well-being, such as: flexible schedules, remote work options and physical and mental well-being programs.

Great Place To Work® re-certification is a reminder of the continued commitment to excellence, as well as an example of a company’s ability to continue promoting policies and practices that improve the quality of life within its organization year after year.

By meeting the necessary requirements to distinguish and certify itself as one of the national and international organizations with the attributes of a great place to work, the hard work that each Control North America team has accomplished to build an environment where everyone can prosper and succeed.

It is with great pride that we receive the Great Place to Work certification, obtaining high ratings and well-deserved recognition at the national level. This achievement is the result of our passion for engineering, our teamwork and the constant search to improve the environment and working conditions. Congratulations to all!

Fernando LeiteCEO & Global Business Manager

This re-certification is a testament to our continued commitment to the well-being and happiness of our collaborators. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive and motivating work environment that drives excellence and collaboration.

Denisse VázquezHuman Resources, Quality and S.H Manager

Continuing to be a Great Place To Work is more than an achievement; It is a reflection of our organizational culture, where the professional and personal growth of each collaborator is promoted.

Mauricio CulebroGeneral Manager of CNA

What is Great Place to Work® Certification?

The Great Place to Work® Certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience. 

The certification is a two-step process that involves gathering employee opinions and auditing the organization’s practices. 

Employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores, helping job seekers identify companies with an excellent organizational culture. 

With the data obtained from the questionnaire, each organization has the opportunity to develop improvement plans within the company.