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Control North America adopts sustainability measures

By 01.04.2022August 2nd, 2023Featured

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is increasingly abundant in the world and is largely responsible for the pollution of the soil, water, air, and climate change on the planet. 

In 2019, the world generated 53.6 metric tons (Mt) of e-waste. This progressive increase is mainly due to the increase in the consumption rates of electronic devices, their short life cycles, and scarce repair options. 

There are two alternatives that can provide a solution to this problem. The first is to reduce consumption or prolong the use and life of any electronic device. The second is to recycle electronic devices (some of their parts and components at least). 

In Mexico alone, 1.1 million tons of e-waste is discarded each year, with less than 10% being recycled. 

There are special electronic waste management programs that are dedicated to recovering this waste to give it an adequate recycling treatment through processes that do not affect the environment. 

One of these is called “Reciclatrón“, a program carried out by the Ministry of the Environment (SEDEMA) of Mexico City (CDMX). The program promotes the collection and recycling of waste from electronic devices and raises awareness for this type of waste generated on the planet. 

As part of our Sustainability Strategy, based on the SDGs (Sustainability Goals) established by the UN, we seek to be part of responsible consumption and production through the proper use and recycling of electronic waste, such as: 

  • Wired and wireless mice and keyboards
  • Toners
  • Cables
  • Telephone equipment 

As part of our participation, we received a bag of compost, that was later used as fertilizer in the facilities plants. 

Following this and other programs, Controlar North America continues its path towards becoming a company perfectly aligned with the objectives of sustainable development, while creating and undertaking opportunities of social, environmental, and economic responsibility at the same time. 

Controlar - Sustainability Policy