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Controlar North America carries out Vaccination Campaign

By 14.03.2023News

During the month of March, a Vaccination Campaign was carried out at Controlar North America facilities. Through this campaign, all employees were able to have a glucose check, waist/hip measurement, weight taking, and double viral vaccination against measles and rubella.


Thanks to the creation of the Safe and Healthy Work Environments (ELSSA) program of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), more than 2 million 193 thousand workers in Mexico have benefited through the implementation of strategies to improve health, safety and well-being.

Due to this program, multiple companies have oriented efforts to generate actions focused on the main health problems due to work risks and disease in general.

With the coordinated effort between the government, labor organizations and companies willing to work on the formation of a new culture of health care, vaccination and review days have been carried out, preventing influenza, measles, tetanus, rubella, etc.

Following the prevention and care guidelines for our collaborators, as we are creditors of the ELSSA badge, at CNA we can carry out this and other campaigns in favor of health, preventing psychosocial and ergonomic risk factors, as well as chronic degenerative diseases, accidents and illnesses.

Thanks to these actions we can reduce disability rates, achieve an improvement in the lifestyles of our collaborators and promote healthy habits that increase the productivity of each one of them.