In-line Handling Solutions


Fast return of investment (ROI)

Adaptable to a wide range of PCB dimensions

High handling speed

Fast and easy setup and easy product changeover

Flexible and adapted to different electronic test technologies


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Designed to cover the need of a high number of test points, large panels and future expandability, the XILS Extended In-Line Handling System, from EIIT – Innovative Engineering Solutions, is prepared for the most demanding applications.

For more information on the XILS handler series, please visit the official EIIT page here.


XILS600 In-line Handling Solution (ideal for critical instruments)

  • Flexible, versatile and multiuse handler for ISP (Flashing) and FCT (Functional) applications.
  • Special Instrumentation subrack with a secondary interface to the fixture, with short wiring distance between the instrumentation and the UUT,
  • With double conveyor system (both @SMEMA level)
  • Can be connected to other XILS600 handlers in a serial line
  • Communication between handlers with no need of additional link-conveyors with bar code readers and buffering stations
  • Line setup configurable by software and customized during product setup

XILS800-Tsi Handler with ICT powered by Teradyne (for the most demanding applications.)

  • With up to 5120 test points, this system is built in a high resistance iron and aluminum structure and supports up to 10kN forces.
  • Wide range of PCB dimensions
  • Fully integrated Teradyne test system inline platform

Main applications

Controlar and EIIT’s in-line handling solutions were developed to meet the high standards of the automotive industry to test a wide range of PCBs. These systems are also suitable for other industries, such as consumer and industrial electronics.