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V(irtual) I(nstrument) S(olution) Toolkit


Simple, intuitive and cost-effective toolkit

Fast approach to a powerful Virtual Instrumentation Solution

No need of high technical knowledge of software data acquisitions requirements and analysis

Parameterized instructions according to the application requirements

Possibility of adding new commands with text-based instructions

Fast and accurate identification of error sources

Tech Specs

Operating System

Windows 7/8/10


32/64 bit




CAN, LIN, TCP/IP, DIO & AIO, REPORT, DataBases, GPIB, RS232, LXI, TicketPrinter, Plant Traceability Systems Interface, etc.


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V(irtual) I(nstrument) S(olution) Toolkit is a software package designed to simplify the use of systems engineering software for applications that require test and measurement, removing the need for user configuration and programming. This way, the user can focus on  building a solution,  disregarding the programming layer. For this purpose, VISToolkit provides several modules adapted to each need using a simple function to receive parameters and return a response, with no expertise required.

Architecture layers

Installation, Configuration and Application


  • Install the Module’s installation package by specifying the package location on the Configuration Manager.
  • Choose from a growing Gallery of Virtual Instruments
  • Install it on your VISToolkit with just 1 Click


  • Activate the Module for a specific profile
  • Use the pre-defined commands or create/edit the command needed on the application


  • Initialize only the equipment that the DUT will need, creating Profiles and specifying the used equipment
  • Use it on TestStand, LabVIEW or LabWindowsCVI,
  • Or program it using C/C++, C# or another programming language you prefer

Main applications

Adapted to be used on any software application, VISToolkit® can also be used for in-house development or for any kind of project development if you are a system integrator.

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