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TSIM Wireless RF Shielded

Test System Intelligent Machine (Wireless RF Shielded)
TSIM_with shieldedbox_v2


Highly flexible and modular (Zero Force Quick ChangeOver concept)

High reliability and cost-efficient measurements

User-centered eco-design to meet high ergonomic standards

Fast and accurate identification of error sources

Reference tech specs

(in mm)

810 (W) x 1150 (L) x 2100 (H) mm

Communication protocols

Host-link protocol (PC-PLC)
LXI protocol (PC-Multimeter-Power supply)
Proprietary protocol (PC-VPC interface)

Power Supply



Measurement functions

DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, frequency, power factor, power level, resistance, capacity, temperature, among others

Auto diagnosis function
new feature

DUT emulator for machine conformance validation

Technical support

Ready for remote assistance with augmented reality


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TSIM – Test System Intelligent Machine  (Wireless RF Shielded) performs different levels of functional tests on electronic devices and components at the end of the production line (EoL) to ensure correct functionality of the DUTs.

This complete solution is prepared for flexible and dynamic production, using a standard interface and a quick ChangeOver method. The rapid exchange is key to reducing operating times, and thereby improving flow and machine availability.

Suitable to test all key technologies for electronics systems, TSIM is future-proof and adaptable to DUT needs allowing easy upgrade of functionalities.

This particular system performs the functional testing of wireless in-vehicle systems (IVS) and infotainment devices with integrated antennas (e.g.: GNSS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) tested in a shielded /anechoic environment.

It features auto diagnosis and validation of the system to ensure proper functionality and test repeatability. Remote assistance is also possible using augmented reality goggles or tablet.


TSIM uses a standard interface that allows it to be used for different types of testing concepts. This test solution can be customized with different modules, such as:

  • PCB level – semi automatic and manual
  • Complete device: semi-automatic and semi-automatic RF shield box and instrumentation
  • IBus Interfaces: CAN, LIN, LVDS, BroadR-Reach, MOST150
  • Multimeter, programmable power supply, RF generator and/or analyzer, etc.

Main Applications

TSIM was developed to meet the high standards of the automotive industry, which makes it also suitable for other industries, such as consumer and industrial electronics, with the possibility of being customized for different types of products.

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