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Portable Test Case
PTCase - COntrolar


Available with embedded PC

Portable and compact system to test, for example, automotive infotainment devices

Semi-automatic and manual operation modes

Easy-to-operate and configure with user friendly interface

Custom-made software for each customer application

Suitable for quality control of a wide range of electronic devices

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

560 (L) x 455 (W) x 265 (H)


35 Kg


User friendly interface application in LabView™

Communication protocols

CAN. Other options: LIN and BroadR-Reach™ Ethernet

Power supply

230V AC
2A (max)


ITT cannon connector: Interface adaptable for each solution
DB9 CAN connector: Diagnostic CAN interface


For additional information, contact Controlar at


The PTCase is a compact and portable system specifically designed to test the main functionalities of infotainment or any electronic devices post-production with ease. This customized solution offers easy operation for testing and diagnosing any malfunctions or defects during the initial troubleshooting phase.

Product configuration

Our Portable Test Case is composed of:

  • Integrated laptop computer with LabView software
  • Digital voltmeter and ammeter with display
  • Enclosed digital multimeter (Vrms and current)
  • Customized DUT connector
  • Audio Speaker on lid for sound test
  • Device control via CAN, LIN, BroadR-Reach™ or RS232
  • Optional LVDS subjective test and pattern generation

Main applications

The PTCase was developed to meet the high standards of the automotive industry (electronics components manufacturing), namely as a portable solution for testing of displays and automotive clusters. It is also ideal for other industries, such as consumer electronics, with the possibility of being customized for different types of products.