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Production-Ready Automotive Radar Test System



High-resolution testing and validation solution for automotive radars

OTA (Over-the-Air) testing performed on a shielded/anechoic environment

Multiple target simulation with control of specific parameters (RCS, distance, velocity, etc.)

Simultaneous characterization of the radar antenna’s radiation diagram

Robust connectors and modular fixturing for dozens of thousands of mating cycles

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

976 (W) x 1750 (L) x 2030 (H) 

Target generator specs


No. of objects







Radial velocity




Radar Cross Section (RCS)





Up to 4 artificial objects at pre-configured distances (variable distance option is under development)


4 m – 300 m (minimum air gap of 0.8 m; extendable up to 1.20 m)


± 500 km/h doppler shifting for all objects or for each individual object – under development


± 40 dBm2 configurable per individual object (e.g. metal can, human being, car, truck, etc.)



Monostatic (e.g. MIMO Radar meas.) and bistatic (e.g. high isolation) options

Frequency Bands

24.05-24.25/24.5 GHz; 76-77 GHz; 77-81 GHz ETSI EN 301 091-1; ETSI EN 302 264; ETSI EN 301 489-51; ETSI EN 302 858; ETSI EN 303 396; 2014/53/EU (RED)

Power Supply

100-230 VAC @ 50/60 Hz Rated current: 16 A (20 A max.)

Additional l/O

IF input for interference generation IF output for spectrum/power analysis

CE Marked

Fully compliant


For additional information, contact Controlar at


PARTS is a high-resolution test solution developed by Controlar for testing automotive radars in the production line (EoL). It ensures automated pass/fail automotive radar validation for quality control and safety compliance.

PARTS is suitable for multimode radars (Long-range, Medium-range and Short-range Radars) covering multiple frequency bands (24; 76-77; 77-81 GHz) and includes a 3D pan-tilt system for radar antenna’s radiation diagram and EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) measurement.

Based on a semi-automatic process and high-quality fixturing for quick change over, it allows easy operation and product maneuvering by the user. This high-quality test solution can be integrated into automated factory production lines.

Product Configuration

PARTS is an all-in-one solution composed of various blocks:

  • Radar Target Generator*
  • Semi-automatic load/unload of radar Unit Under Test (UUT)
  • Anechoic and shielded chamber for testing and validation of radar
  • UUTs Baseline machine – main computer, HMI, PLCs for automation and motors control, electrical board, etc.

(*) Powered by R&S® AREG100A automotive radar echo generator

Main Applications

PARTS is specifically suited for the Automotive industry for the functional testing of radar components.

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