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Accelerated Stress Test System for Climatic Stress Screening
Controlar AST


Suitable for Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT)

Highly modular grating cost efficiency, space saving and friendly maintenance

Simultaneous “test to pass”/screening of a high number of units

Ergonomic design following customers’ requirements

Capability to perform functional tests and flashing procedure

Tech Specs

(in mm)

Rack: 800 (W) x 800 (L) x 1200 (H)
Climatic chamber (Weiss Technik – ClimeEvent C/340/70/3): 1100 (W) x 2100 (L) x 1960 (H)

Power supply



Functional Tests

Voltage, Current Consumption, Audio, Video, FM/AM, BT/Wi-Fi, GSM/LTE, GNSS, etc.

Flashing interfaces

Ethernet, BroadR-Reach™, USB, CAN

Temperature and humidity profiles

Configurable temperature profiles
Temperature range: – 40 °C – 85 °C; Max. gradient: 4 °C


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The Accelerated Stress Test System for Climatic Stress Screening developed by Controlar allows the functional testing of a wide range of products though environmental stimuli (temperature and humidity) in the production line (EoL).

This system is prepared to test a high number of units installed and connected inside a climatic chamber to check if there are any change, defect or malfunction on the product characteristics. The purpose of these tests is to ensure product reliability and, ultimately to accelerate its reliability growth.

Product configuration

The AST Test Solution uses a standard interface that allows it to be used with different types of clusters, by changing the fixture. It can be customized with different instrumentation and equipment, such as:

  • Climate chamber:
    • Touch panel to control and monitor test chamber
    • Removable mechanical structure with industrial long life-cycle connection interface
  • Instrumentation rack such as:
    • Test measurement equipment: Programmable Power Supply, Digital Multimeter, Signal Switch Box, RF Multiplexer, RF Generator and Analyzer; LVDS Video generator, LVDS Framegrabber, Audio Analyzer, etc.
    • Bus interfaces: CAN, Ethernet, BroadR-Reach™, USB, LVDS

Other modules can be integrated/developed to meet specific requirements.

Main applications

The Accelerated Stress Test System for Climatic Stress Screening was developed to meet the high standards of Car Multimedia Industry for screening applications and functional testing of infotainment devices (car radios, displays, instrumentation clusters, GNSS systems and other types of ECUs). Moreover, it is also suitable for many other industry applications and fully prepared to perform lithium battery tests.

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