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Picking & Sorting

Conveyor System with Robotic Cells


Transport for sorting and distribution of products through different assembly lines

Personalized conveyor belts with integrated bases adapted to the product

Programmed ABB robots and inhouse designed ‘grippers’

HMI console for production management developed by Controlar

PLC system control

Reference Tech Specs

Overall system dimmensions
(in mm)

714(L) x 800(W) x 1356(H)


~150 kg

Power Supply

1P + N + PE+ 230VAC
50/60 HZ


6 bar

 Robot Working Range Area
(in mm)


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The Picking & Sorting Conveyor System was developed for picking products from the main assembly line and to sort them through the various conveyors that form different assembly lines using robots for this purpose.
The main assembly line holds an integrated base adapted to the product which allows the distinction of the model and its distribution to the corresponding conveyor.
This automatic station may be equipped with a vision system for quality control and automatic labeling system.


This equipment consists of one or more robotic cells and several connecting conveyors.
The robots pick the products from the main assembly line conveyor and place them in the corresponding assembly line of the product being manufactured.

The station control is performed through a console. The available options are:
– the selection of the model outlet conveyor depending on the type of product being produced,
– the output of the product through the general conveyor to perform quality inspection,
– placing the station in manual mode and checking for quality control.

In order to guarantee high levels of protection, the robots are isolated in an acrylic station with access through a security door.

Main Applications

The Picking & Sorting Conveyor System was developed to meet the high standards of the automotive industry, which makes it also suitable for other industries as well. It can be customized for various types of products that require sorting, distribution and automatic inspection of products and/or packaging.

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