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Disassembly Station

for Decoupling of Metallic Pieces
stator disassembly


Stand-alone machine developed to perform automatic disassembly

Cut and disassembly of rejected aluminum components

Decoupling of parts for reuse

Vacuum system for metal chips removal to keep pieces clean from fillings

Integrated conveyor, cutting and pressing systems

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

1230(L) x 850(W) x 2270(H)


495 kg

Power supply

50/60 HZ

Max. Pressure


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The Disassembly Machine for Decoupling of Metallic Pieces performs the cutting on two sides and the disassembly of rejected or non-compliant components. The result is the decoupling of the metallic parts and the recovery of the main component (a stator, in this case). The aluminum encapsulation is recovered to be recycled, while the main component can return to the production process to be assembled and reused.


The Disassembly Machine for Decoupling of Metallic Pieces is divided into two parts, separated by a worktop: the process control area and the work area.

The equipment consists of:

  • Cutting saw to make a linear cut on the product chassis.
  • Pressing system composed of a hydropneumatic cylinder sized for pressing and uncoupling the product parts
  • Vaccum system for the removal of particles, avoiding the accumulation of metal shavings and chips
  • Electric and compressed air panel
  • All-in-one PC (PC + monitor) to save usable machine space + software with graphical interface

Since this is a process that requires some structural strength, the machine was mechanically dimensioned and reinforced to sustain the forces applied in the pressing process.

Main Applications

This machine was developed for recovering components that would otherwise be considered waste. It can be used to perform cutting and disassembly of metal components that have failed in the assembly process of the production line, allowing the decoupling of parts and the recovery of the main component.


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