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Conveyor System

for Wave Soldering of Electronic Units


Load and unload of wave soldering machine with inlet and outlet conveyors

Fast and accurate pallets/fixtures transport

SMEMA conveyors made in Europe

Conveyor with PCB cooling buffer

Short delivery time

Reference Tech Specs

Inlet Conveyor Dimmensions
(in mm)

2500(L) x 772(W) x 1045(H)

Outlet Conveyor Dimmensions
(in mm)

4000(L) x 772(W) x 1045(H)

Power supply

I1: 10A; I2: 10A; I3:10A
50/60 HZ

Max. Pressure (Bar)


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The purpose of the Conveyor System for Wave Soldering is to guide pallets/fixures, throughout the wave soldering of PCBs, with two conveyors: the inlet and outlet conveyors.
The inlet conveyor is aligned with the assembly tables right before the soldering machine. Is is used for the operator to mount the components to be soldered and placed on the pallet before feeding them to the wave machine for soldering.
The outlet conveyor is located at the end of the assembly line and refrigerates the already soldered components with a cooling buffer before their removal.


This system is composed of:

– Inlet conveyor: holds a photoelectric sensor to detect if there is a pallet present ready to be soldered,  and a stopper with  built-in magnet to put the pallet on hold before this enters the soldering stage of the process.

– Outlet conveyor: holds a ventilation plate housing eight buffers to accelerate the cooling process of the soldered components. Two photoelectric sensors allow the user to know how many pallets are on the conveyors, whether it is half full or completely full. It also holds seven emergency buttons for safety reasons.

Main Applications

The Converyor System for Wave Soldering of PCBs was developed to meet the high standards of the Electronics Industry, which makes it suitable for other industries as well, and can be customized for various types of products.

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