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Barcode Label Feeder

For Automatic Printing and Placement


Flexible, portable and compact system for automatic printing and placement

Capable of delivering highly repeatable tasks

Improved quality, traceability and productivity

Shortened production times and downtime reduction

Simple-to-use front-end interface and custom programming

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

820(L) x 890(W) x 2070(H)


135 kg

Power supply

1P+N+PE 230Vac
50/60 HZ
3,7 kW

Robot working range area
(in mm)


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Our Automatic Barcode Label Feeder was developed to shorten the time cycle of the final station in a production line. This system is capable of automatically print, verify, and place labels on products or pallets granting precision and accuracy, higher positional quality index and shortened production times. Moreover, a precise label placement allows bypass downtimes due to deficient readability since labels are consistently placed in the same location every time.


This cell is equipped with:

  • one collaborative robotic arm with a working area range of 500 mm-1500 mm radius to perform the placement of barcode labels
  • one printer with peel-off function. For this purpose, a base was built to guarantee the positional relationship between the robot and the printer. This structure may be fixed to the production line floor.

Main Applications

The Automatic Barcode Label Feeder is designed to meet industry or lab’s requirements and processes, being easily integrated into any production line.


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