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Best of 2023: a year in review

By 19.01.2024January 23rd, 2024Featured

2023 was a year of achievement and great growth for Controlar, but also of many challenges.

It was thanks to the resilience of our teams and close collaboration with our customers that Controlar took important steps on the path to global expansion.

Welcome to the Controlar Portugal year-in-review.

We want to develop each of our operations and, through our "passion for engineering," respond to the real social needs of each market.

Fernando LeiteCo-Founder, Global Business Manager

The determination of our Mexican team and the trust of stakeholders contributed to a year of achievements for Controlar North America, as well.

At EIIT – a Controlar company, 2023 stands out as a year marked by challenges and achieved goals. Explore the highlights of EIIT’s finest moments in our year in review.