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Automatic station for centralized diffusers assembly

By 28.03.2023August 2nd, 2023Featured

Controlar North America (CNA) has developed an automatic station to assemble automotive centralized inflators into diffuser systems.

Following our customer’s requirements, CNA automation department developed an automatic station to assemble inflators into diffuser systems.

The station is an integrated system that automatically inserts an inflator into a diffuser, and it’s composed of tooling, bowl feeder, vision system and a 6-Axis robot, that supply, position, transport and verify the product.

It generates a reliable and robust assembly that allows the inflator to continue its process in the manufacturing line, guaranteeing its functionality when in use and consequently, passengers safety.

  • Bowl Feeder – discarding of incorrect diffusers, feeding and positioning of diffusers to the transfer system.
  • Tooling – set of pneumatic and mechanical systems to transport and assemble the diffuser into the inflator.
  • 6 – Axis Robot Arm – automatic pick-up and positioning of the inflator in the tooling.
  • Vision System – mapping, inspection and verification of inflators in the initial and final position of the process.
  • Conveyors – box feeding and positioning for entry and exit inspection.

In this way, the centralized diffuser systems can reach the automotive industry market as a safe and reliable option.

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