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We hope that the confidence of Malaysian stakeholders in our engineering capabilities and experience may serve as a catalyst to establish Controlar Innovating Industry Malaysia as an attractive hub of high quality solutions for new customers in the Asian market.

Pedro Torres, Controlar CEO


Based in Penang,  Controlar Innovating Industry Malaysia is a Controlar S.A. company, whose main purpose is to address the Asia-Pacific markets in the areas of Industrial Automation and Test Systems with special focus on the automotive electronics industry.

Initially established as a regional office of Controlar S.A. in 2015, to guarantee local assistance to the projects and customers in that territory, soon the business grew, which led to the company’s creation and to the opening of a new and enlarged 130 m2 state-of-the-art facilities, by the end of 2019.

Today, the company seeks to diversify its client portfolio in Malaysia and expand business to other Asian-Pacific markets.

The main goal of Controlar presence in Malaysia is the supply of industrial test systems and automation projects, while boosting local development, in compliance with high European quality standards.

In additon to the development and supply, Controlar Innovating Industry Malaysia is able to respond with technical and commercial local support.

The company relies on local alliances and networking with Controlar’s different global teams, in Portugal, Spain and India, to accelerate the growth and success of its expansion in Malaysia and other countries in Asia-Pacific.