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We focus on industrial production and problems management through an intense Research and Development activity, and Innovation, adopting a transversal positioning in order to provide solutions to all types of Industries.

Fernando Leite, CEO of Controlar NA


Controlar North America SA de CV was founded in Mexico in 2016, following a logic of proximity to meet the needs of North American customers, achieved through the company’s internationalization.

Controlar’s mission in North America is to integrate the most advanced technologies indicated for each project while meeting customer’s requests, providing the conditions, resources and knowledge for advanced industrial applications.

Today, Controlar holds a wide portfolio of projects that guarantees the experience, safety and quality required in various areas of industrial activity anywhere in the world.

The company counts with 30 professionals at the service of the industry in Mexico, who network with the different global teams of Controlar in Portugal, Spain, Malaysia and India.

Specialization fields

Service and infrastructure overview

Machinery concept and detailed design made in Mexico with validation from Portugal and Spain

Machinery assembly conducted in Mexico

Installation of solutions by an engineering team at the customer’s premises.

Main Capabilities

Process automation

Machine development

Development of complete assembly production lines

Systems integration

Quality control systems and functional tests

Machinery conversion

Development of interconnections

Electronic, mechanical and software development

Comunication systems


Technical assistance and consulting

Research and Development

Controlar NA is also committed to maintaining the highest level of innovation through a continuous activity of research & development oriented towards the design of new solutions. The integration of technologies to support the digitization of industry and mobility in the future is continuasly being explored:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Machine to Machine
  • 3D Printing
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Big Data/Analytics
  • IoT

Controlar NA