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We are bigger!

By 24.11.2022August 2nd, 2023Featured

Controlar has enlarged its facilities and is undergoing structural renovation works which will translate to more productivity, efficiency and opportunities within our organization. 

This year we started expanding our facilities by adding a new building with 1.000 sqm of shop floor space in Alfena’s headquarters, for the in series production of test systems components. The renovation works are over, and the building is already in full work mode.

The construction works also included the demolition of walls that separated two of the main buildings to facilitate the movement of people and equipment and improve our human resources interaction.

In addition, one of Controlar five buildings is undergoing deep renovation works to house comfortable amenities for our employees and guests, and brand new offices for Engineering departments, which have been continuously growing in the past years.

Further renewal and structural works are being undertaken in the other remaining buildings, with new additions and improvements to support our expansion and development.

We hope to inaugurate the new building and have all buildings ready and connected internally by 2023, which will help Controlar to better address its customers’ demands and the challenges of its continuous growth.