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Universal and Multiuse Off-Line Handler from the OLS Series
Controlar OLS600


Fast and Ergonomic Fixture Exchange

Instrumentation subrack with a secondary interface to the fixture

Shortest wiring distance from instrumentation to UUT, ideal for critical instruments

Small footprint – other modules may be pressed against both sides

Lateral actuation for DUT connectors (USB, Ethernet, etc.) with controlled insertion force

Reference Tech Specs

Typical application


Max. PCB size

510 x 460 mm

Min. PCB width

100 mm

Component top side clearance

100 mm

Component bottom side clearance

50 mm

Drive force (nominal)

Servomotor 10kN

Recommended/Max test points


Handling time (machine cycle)

approx. 5 min

Fixture exchange time

< 3 min

Instrumentation space


Interface Type

Pylon Blocks/ ODU

Machine control


Machine communication

Sockets communication

Electrical power

230V AC 50-60 Hz

Pneumatic Requirements

6.5 bars


1100 (L) x 975 (W) x 2090 (H) mm


450 kg




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Developed as a cost-effective easy-to-install and versatile solution, the OLS600 Handler (from the OLS Series) fits with any offline ICT (In-Circuit), ISP (Flashing) and FCT (Functional) testing application. Its design allows a fast and ergonomic fixture exchange, with less than 3 minutes of fixture changeover time.

Product configuration

Models: OLS600 – ISP, OLS600 – ICT and OLS600 – FCT

  • High resistance aluminum structure to handle +10KN forces
  • Maximum PCB size of 510×460 mm
  • 2 fixture sizes to adjust the exact PCB needs
  • Servomotor controlled compression movement during the test
  • Dual stage testing
  • Servomotor programmable test heights
  • Fixture coding on both bottom and top plates for product/fixture validation
  • 2 modular pilon blocks for integration of additional instrumentation such as CAN, RF, pneumatic or other specific needs
  • 20U rack positions available for instrumentation integration
  • Machine control communication drivers for .NET, NI LabWindows CVI,
  • LabVIEW or any other third-party platforms with TCP/IP communication sockets

Main applications

Complete turnkey flashing, ICT and FCT applications, including (when applicable):

  • Testability (Test Coverage) report
  • Repeatability (CGK) – Means Capability Report
  • Repeatability (CPK) – Process Capability Report


  • Fixturing developed in accordance with prior FEA analysis
  • Probe Impact analysis for fixture validation
  • Pallet/Carrier for checking individual (de-panelized) daughter boards
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