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Manual Download Station


Easliy scalable and highly modular, granting space and costs savings and easy maintenance.

Suited for funtional testing and/or flash

Two JIGs in one: electronics JIG + connectors JIG adaptable to different versions of the product or to a completely different product

Easy and effortless QCO (Quick Change Over)

Tech Specs

(em mm)

According to the model and customer’s requirements


DC/AC voltage, current consumption, resistance and temperature




  • Datasheet not available

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The Manual Download Stations are industrial test systems that measure voltage, current consumption, DUT status check, etc., using PPS, DMM, CAN device, etc.

With a simple and compact design, and a similar mechanical structure as used on Controlar HALT / VTT / Screening solutions, it’s possible to manually load/ unload DUT solutions, granting reduction of the floor space.

Our compact Manual Download Stations are configurable and may hold up to 3, 4 or 10 devices per drawers or more, depending on the product size and customer requirements. These are also modular and open stations that can be used for functional tests or combined testing.

Product Configuration

  • DUT programming using several download interfaces (CAN / CAN FD, USB2.0 / USB3.0, Ethernet / BroadR-Reach ™, Boundary Scan, etc.)
  • Test / Measurement Equipment use – PPS, DMM, CAN device, etc.
  • Use of mini-PC to dynamically change files to flash
  • Extra modularity using a mechanical jig – that holds the DUT 
  • Reuse of electronic jig for different variants
  • Mechanical and electronic jigs interchangeable in position
  • Status indicator and abort button for each cell
  • Available in different versions: compact, multi-DUTs, automatic or semi-automatic and with multiple combined functionality (run-in, burn-in, download station)

Main applications

Controlar Manual Download Stations meet the high standards of the automotive industry, which makes them also suitable for other industries, such as consumer and industrial electronics, with the possibility of beng customized for different types of products (easily scalable and highly modular) .

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