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Pressure Impulse

Test System
Pressure Cycle Test


Hydronics lifetime testing

Simulation of the life cycle of a product subject to pressure variations

Test up to 50 bar (or higher under request)

Control via PLC and HMI

Large capacity test booth (180º opening)

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

1500(L) x 800(W) x 2400(H)


300 kg

Power supply

13,8 kW

Test Pressure
Test Cycle
Test Temperature

2 – 25 bar (adjustable)
0.1 to 2 Hz (adjustable)
Ambient to 60ºC

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The Pressure Impulse Test System was developed to test hydraulic products to determine the reliability and leakproof of heat exchangers and other refrigerant components with a cyclic impulse test.
The purpose is to simulate the lifetime performance of water devices and prevent any failures due to mechanical stresses induced by alternating high and low pressure cycles, under variable hydraulic pressures.


  • The system is composed of hydraulic and electric components.
  • The pressure is adjusted electronically via PLC.
  • The impulse cycle is commanded by a proportional hydraulic valve that controls the exit of the water.
  • When the valve closes, the pressure increase until reaching the pressure of the pump. Opening the valve, the circuit is depressurized.
  • The speed of opening and closing is controlled to perform the ramp up and down.
  • The circuit contains a water tank with a heating element that allows a test fluid temperature up to 60ºC.
  • The temperature is controlled automatically.
  • All the tests parameters are configurated via HMI.

Main Applications

Hydraulic pressure system for testing HVAC air conditioning systems, and hydraulic components, such as hydrosanitary, radiators, deposits, etc. with the possibility of being customized for different water heating devices.

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