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Automatic Test Line for BMS

By 23.02.2023May 16th, 2024Featured

Controlar developed a series of Automatic Lines to test Battery Management Systems (BMS) for the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Electric vehicles rely on Battery Management Systems to maximize the battery’s power, autonomy and efficiency.

A BMS is an embedded module performing critical battery functions, intended to measure  and manage individual cell voltage, module voltage, and temperatures from the HV (High Voltage) batteries. The BMS must be tested early in development, as well as during manufacturing to ensure reliable functionality.

Following our customer’s requirements, our Automation and Test Systems departments got together to develop an Automatic Test Line to perform the following quality validation tests:

  • Hipot test – current leakage to ensure that the flex cable has not been damaged during the installation.
  • Resistance test – resistance measurement between castellated vias test point on board and bus bars terminals, and between weld point on bus bars and test points on board.
  • Functional tests – according to customer requirements.
  • RF power level – measurement of the radiant RF power level when in manufacturing mode.
  • Flashing OMF – flashing of the operational mode firmware through JTAG test points accessible on top side.
  • Provisioning – power-up secure mode.
  • Network test – validation of Cell Monitoring Unit Module network operation using customer’s equipment.
  • Conformal coating – appliance and inspection of the conformal coating on the PCB.
  • Certification and end Item label – printing and inspection of these two labels.

This way, the BMS can reach the market faster, and more reliably.

Controlar offers comprehensive test and automation solutions for a wide range of electric and electronic products, with the possibility of customizing according to any demanding requirements.