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At Controlar we have improved our packaging

By 06.10.2021June 26th, 2023Featured

A good product deserves good packaging

Over the past months, Controlar has been working on optimizing its product packaging and making it more sustainable.

We want our packaging to reflect our mission of putting passion and innovation on everything we do, and our vision to present the nest solution, always close to our customers.

By improving packaging, we are increasing our products life, guaranteeing their quality from the time they leave our premises until they reach their destination and, ultimately, improving our customers experience and satisfaction.

That’s why we have a dedicated team responsible of guaranteeing that our packages are strong and robust enough to preserve the quality of their contents, ensuring that Controlar products are safely delivered to its customers globally.



State-of-the-art packaging process

One of our latest goals is to prevent metal oxidation and deterioration, that may arouse when our machines are under harsh conditions.

Such may happen in situations in which machines are held at customs while waiting for clearance and subjected to the influence of weather conditions (warmth, humidity…), resulting in permanent product deterioration.

The solution found was vacuum packaging. This process refers to the technique of removing air from a pack prior to sealing. Its main purpose is to remove oxygen by pulling the packaging material into intimate contact with the product.

Vacuum packing reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of bacteria or fungi, thus preventing metal oxidation and deterioration, and reducing surface defects.



Sustainable and high-quality packaging

Our other goal for packaging is the use of more eco-friendly and higher-quality materials, to reduce the bulk and weight of items, even if only contributing slightly to the reduction of transportation footprint and costs.

As part of Controlar commitment to sustainability, we look for new ways to make our packaging more environmentally friendly and we work with external suppliers to select the best possible materials for the specific needs we need to address.

For example, the use of sturdy wooden crates in compliance with all phytosanitary certification (making them reusable) and combined with vacuum packaging allowed us to dramatically reduce the use of plastic in the equipment shipped to our customers.

Finally, we are excited to say that although we achieved all the above-mentioned key points, we continue to move forward to generate a change with packaging, thus innovating industry.