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Lifetime Test Rigs

for Heat Pumps


Plastic components ageing acceleration

Oxygen % and temperature control

Arrhenius shift factors principle of Materials linearity

Up to 208 weeks of test endurance

Up to 54 DUTs simultaneously

3 main independente temperature water circuits

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

1480(L) x 5000(W) x 2070(H)

Power supply

50 HZ
18 kW

Funcional Tests

Oxygenation level
Automatic burst detection

Communication Interfaces

Ethernet, USB

Temperature and oxygenation profiles

Configurable temperatura profiles
Temperature range: -0°C – 90°C
Oxygen dissolved in water: 0 -100%

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More and more, new polymers and new component manufacturing techniques are being developed, allowing the gradual replacement of metallic materials by plastic or composite materials in different fields of application in several industries. In particular, when it comes to air conditioning, heating and water supply, plastic components are subject to the aging process due to the temperature they are exposed to or due to the amount of oxygen in the fluids.

The Lifetime Test Rigs developed by Controlar allow the prediction, in an accelerated test, of the wear levels throughout the plastic components’ life in order to prevent eventual failures during the life cycle of the DUT.


The main module controls and analyzes the test variables. There is a hydropressor group that uniformizes the pressure in all modules up to 10 bar. A pneumohydraulic system injects air / oxygen into the water through a diffuser until the oxygenation reaches the level preset by the user. In order to monitor these oxygen levels in the water, the equipment makes periodic measurements through a high precision sensor.

Each test module has an individual heating circuit that allows testing at different temperatures up to 90 °C. The test cabins are closed and thermally insulated in order to reduce energy losses. The size and number of test modules is configurable according to the customer’s needs.

An additional module allows the samples to be tested for rupture and, based on the information collected, calculate, the expected life of the tested components according to the Arrhenius equation.

Main Applications

The Lifetime Test Rigs are best suited for applications in the Thermotechnology industry, such as for the accelerated ageing of heat pumps (air-water or water type) through the simulation of domestic or geothermal consumption; or for the characterization of electric water heaters’ efficiency.

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