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Haptics Test System

Automatic Air-Vent Haptic Tester


Functional testing of air-vent parts in different phases of product development

Measurement of applied forces to evaluate impact and strength

Intuitive analysis software acquisition

Fast and accurate identification of errors

Reference Tech Specs

(in mm)

1300 (L) x 1200 (W) x 2300 (H)


635 kg

Power supply

400V AC
50/60 Hz
11 kW


6 bar

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The Automatic Air-Vent Haptic Tester performs automatic functional test on variants of air vent parts in order to measure the force required to perform movements on the different part components.
The movements are performed by a 6 axis robot that forces the part components to follow desired paths while gathering data on the expended force. This particular machine tests sliders and knurl wheels performing four test movements in each slider and two test movements in each knurl wheel.


This system is composed of the following main parts:

  • Working area and command panel
  • Robot with gripper and load cell
  • Industrial PC, printer and keyboard
  • Software interface
  • Rejection box
  • Air treatment unit
  • Switches, sensors and safety barriers

The operator places the air vent part in the machine nest to be tested. The testing set up uses a 6-axis robot to move the selected components and retrieves information about the force applied in each movement.
The operator can preview the tests in the test results window. Results are also available using the Air Vent Analysis offline software. This software allows the user to better grasp the overall results, how physical changes impact the parts, and to what extent can physical modifications affect the force acquisition graphs for each movement.
Using an intuitive information display, the user can navigate through the different software analysis and organization options.

Main Applications

The Automatic Air-Vent Haptic Tester was developed to meet the high standards of the automotive industry, which makes it also suitable for other industries, such as the industrial ventilation, or ventilation and air distribution industries, with the possibility of being customized for other products that require haptics tests.

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